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#21 Design a Graphic of Your Favorite Quote

This week’s 31-Day Design Challenge features Corey Pontz. Corey is the Creative Principal and owner at CWP Design Studio. Not only is she the backbone of her company, but also a very creative, innovative and skilled designer. Corey recently volunteered for the AIGA Mentorship Program, where she helped to mentor an entry level designer. At […]

#26 Redesign Your Favorite Album Cover

This week’s 31-Day Design Challenge features Kelley Nigroni. Kelley is a very talented Graphic Designer at Wyndetryst Graphic Design Studio, a frequent collaborator of CWP’s. She chose to redesign her favorite album cover titled, Wild World. The artist is Bastille. Bastille is a British Indie Rock band. Kelley’s favorite song of that album is ‘Good […]

#17 Design a Geometric Self-Portrait

This week’s 31 Day Design Challenge features Caroline Carini. Caroline is a Graphic Designer at CWP Design Studio. She loves to push her creative boundaries, so for this challenge she decided to design a geometric self-portrait!   Stay tuned for more! #31daydesignchallenge