Building Company Morale with Design

G&W Laboratories is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals. Their visual identity to the outside world felt strong, but internally they needed some branding to help unite them as an organization and build morale. We worked with them to create employee awards and quarterly newsletters that help to keep the staff on the same page.

Missouri Relationship Institute Takes Shape

Located in Missouri, Jared Anderson and Sally Hodges head up the Kansas City Relationship Institute. We created a logo that showcased the city skyline in a fresh and modern way. We worked with Strategic Websites to create a custom website that fit their virtual needs. In addition to their online presence, we helped them to conceptualize a quiz that would lead the user to an accurate assessment at the end.

Development company upgrades their look

Strategic Websites is a web development company that focuses on development, SEO, and ongoing maintenance. As they were redefining their company offerings, they were looking to upgrade their brand. We helped them to create a visual identity that reflected their new direction.

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Process Behind Farm Rebrand

It just so happens that over the years we have enjoyed the mouth-watering sausages from Canter Hill Farm at the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Farmers’ Market. They were looking to update their brand identity, and contacted us to help them out. The challenge was to incorporate each of the animalsĀ that they raise: ostrich, beef, sheep, pig, turkey, duck, and chicken. We drew up some logo concepts and then narrowed down to one. We created a few different variations for flexible usage…and then extended that branding through business cards, signage, as well as booth materials. We’re smitten! See the process below.

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Tutoring Company Catches The Worm

New business owner, Anne Moffitt, of Early Bird, was looking to differentiate herself in the college essay and tutoring space. She wanted an identity that felt fresh and on-trend…that would resonate with both students and parents alike. We created a brightly-toned geometric bird and paired it with a friendly, easily-readable script font. We also provided Anne with a circular stamp version of the logo for use on social media and other applications. And, for the cherry on the top, we designed a pencil shaped as a worm…because, as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm!”

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