Who We Are

Thinkers and makers, designers and ideators. Constantly refining who we are to help you define who you are.

Who we are is ever evolving. We are a conceptual graphic design studio that consistently refines who we are, as we help you define who you are. Every client, assignment, and project adds to the fabric of CWP Design Studio. That way we remain flexible and fresh.

At the core of it all is the owner, Corey Pontz. She is the common denominator, the central communicator, the one you will talk to and the one who will make sure it gets done. In her disarming friendly way, Corey has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of a job. She will pinpoint the crucial focus to bring out the “it” factor for you. Her award winning work ranges from corporate to medical to whimsical or traditional.

Corey honed her craft as the Senior Designer for a leading Branding and Marketing Communications firm in Philadelphia, has served on the executive board of AIGA, and has given talks at several universities. When not helping clients realize their branding potential, you might find Corey on the beach in Cape May or on the docks of Liberty, Maine with her husband and three darling children.

So who are we? We are a studio without walls but with very good ears. Talk to us. We’ll listen.

Meet the Team

We’re a full-service boutique with a full-service team of strategists, designers, marketers, developers and programmers to make sure the right project gets the right expertise, the right attention, and the right solutions.

Corey Pontz

Head of the Class

Lisa Graham

Ambassador of Buzz

Steve Graham

Smooth Operator

Vienna Schrack

Design Ninja

Jamie Markizon

Online Search & Rescue

David Fitzpatrick

Project Wrangler

Alicia Lefkowitz

Client Whisperer

Britt Larson

Creator of All Things Handmade

Marria Nakhoda

Visual Adventurer

Matt Wolf

Voice of Reason